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Expertbook P2

  • Lightweight business labtop, weigh only 1.5kg.
  • Slim bezel NanoEdge display provides more usable onscreen workspace in a smaller frame, essentially fitting a 14-inch panel into a 13-inch chassis.
  • Intel® Core i7 processors deliver the fast and responsive performance you need.
  • Comprehensive set of I/O ports for easy data transfers and versatile peripheral connections.
  • Chassis design incorporates features that provide extra structural rigidity to cope with the rigors of everyday use.
  • ExpertBook P2 features a backlit keyboard with long-travel keys for a more responsive, desktop-like typing experience.
  • The SensePoint pointing nub located in the middle of the keyboard lets you easily control the onscreen cursor.
  • Unique hinge design allows full 180° movement 
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