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Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions

Use the latest in surveillance and video analytics as a smart solutions for every industries

Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions

These security and traffic flow solutions is the culmination of cutting edge technologies including wireless transmissions, integrated cloud storage and intelligence big data analytics. Our product capabilities are on par with the highest standards in the security industry. These systems not only measure and identify persons based on prior behavioural and biometric data including their physical appearances and facial structures, it also helps future smart cities improve traffic planning and management.

Video Surveillance & Video Analytic Solution

Provide end-to-end solution to prevent and secure your surrounding activities before it happen

Face ID Identity Verification

Control access and cross-verify persons based on identify cards for security and surveillance of your property and assets. These solutions are best placed in situations where identity security is paramount including banking, finance, education, and other restricted access sites

Intelligent Back-End Solution

Detect movements, differentiate colours and body appearance and other physical attributes with our powerful search filters

City Security Management

Fight crime and other security threats in any smart city or township. Our intelligent video solutions use unobstructive video technologies that effectively complements authorities and assist in post-event investigations.

Traffic Enforcement & Surveillance

IVS optimises road use and safety measures by its automated management of traffic and monitor vehicles, adding to security. Traffic violations and aberrant behaviours such as running red lights, illegal lane changes, and speeding are detected and recorded for investigations.



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Improve vehicle access management as an overall customer experience and a reliable footage for post-investigation.


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Precise security to monitor the traffic flow, violation detection and mobile enforcement.


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Improve the security management of the dormitory by stranger recognition thus avoid letting strangers into the dormitory.


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Centralize management platform, cameras that capture sharp colour images in extremely low light environment and automated vehicle number plate recognition for your business need.


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Enhance on productivity, facility protection and parking management.


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Enable bankers to arrange VIP services in an effective way enhancing their customer service and detect suspects by the behavioral studies.

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