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We create a responsible IOT platform and services for ensuring business’ sustainability by focusing on economic growth, preserving the environment and protecting people of your organization.

Focusing on the essence of IOT values, @Nodus Eco System educate people on environmental awareness and decreases carbon footprint. With our IOT Ecosystems, we provide valuable visibility that enables enormous cost saving, enhances productivity and efficiencies to your home, office, business that go beyond anyone’s imagination.

Advanced IoT Solutions Beneficial for Your Business, Premise & Asset

Energy Savings & Optimization

Preventive Maintenance

Indoor Location Info

Statistical Historical Report

Alerts & Notification

Virtual Thermostat Manager

Security & Emergency Responses

Asset Management

Convenience & Comfort

Human Capital Management


Environmental Monitoring

Using IoT platform to monitor the status of room ambient temperature to detect overcooling, air quality, temperature, humidity and other endless possibilities.

AI & Control Automation

Up-keeping the normal with continuous computed automatic actions from machine learning and analytics towards corrections and adjustments. Slowing down aircon compressors, activating ventilator fan, turns on in-house humidifier and vice versa.

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Human Capital Management

IoT system allows behavioural monitoring, continuous attendance visibility and multi-sites time management via ‘live’ module. It also provides essential safety for the people with instant distress calls, location during disaster recovery.

Asset Management

A versatile yet complex physical asset management via location based tracking, custom rules on asset movement, allowing all the pattern of movement in ‘real time’.

Asset Management


Smart Warehouse

Improving transparency of inventory, real-time thing and people monitoring

Smart Retail

Cold chain protection, boost operation efficiency and visibility

Smart Education

Use IoT to accelerate educational progress through smart technology

Smart Manufacturing

Enable process tracking, assets and human capital management

Smart Healthcare

Visibility for patient monitoring, valuable equipment in real time

Smart Agriculture

Boost precision agriculture for healthy and rapid production


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