Avnos cloud-based platform is fast, easy to administer, support multi roles and privileges configurations. It provides full visibility to schematics including endpoints status, applications status, users, and locations. This allow organizations to have granular grouping capabilities, and provides them with 360-degree awareness of their environment at any time.

The multi-layered protection technologies include real-time anti-ransomware, runtime behavioural analysis detection and prevention capabilities, thereby greatly reducing your cyber-attack surface.

Endpoint Protection

Advanced Application Control

  • Provide granular visibility and control over your applications. Deny unauthorized applications and zero-day malware from execution.
  • Protect older operating systems, such as Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7, and more recent operating systems, such as Windows 10.
  • Utilize global threat intelligence to establish applications reputation, and apply policies at a granular level in real-time.

Real-Time Anti-Ransomware

  • Keep your environment safe from ransomware. Future-proof your protection against ransomware with whitelisting technology.
  • Proprietary runtime behavioural analysis technology to detect and block ransomware encryption.
  • Advanced file recovery feature automatically restores encrypted files instantly.

Applications Protection

  • Protect against the fastest growing threat vector – file-less attacks, document-based and exploit attacks.
  • Apply granular policies to protect against commonly exploited applications. Utilize our global list of commonly exploited applications, and protect these applications from exploitation to launch 2nd stage malware attacks.

Endpoint Management

Organization Mapping

Visualise your entire network with our unique approach to graphically map your organisation. Organise nodes to match your organisation structure, by regions, locations, and departments.

Vulnerabilities Management

Understand your security posture by identifying and prioritizing risks across the organisation. Discover vulnerabilities without compromising on performance with traditional scanners.

Asset Management

Full visibility and control of your organisation – endpoints status, applications status, users, locations. Apply policies at a granular level across the organisation.

Cloud Based Centralized Management Platform

Cloud based centralized management allows for fast and easy deployment of policies. Isolate applications and compromised machines in real-time.

Multi-Tenancy, Multi-Roles & Priviledge

Support for multi-tenants environment makes it fast and easy for organisations and service providers to provision environments to their specific requirements. Multi-roles and privileges design allows granular assignment of privileges to users with different access requirements.

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