Smart Surveillance Solution – See the world differently

Security threats are a growing concern at international level as well as in every business organisation. In this area of business competition, its essential to ensure business asset is secured, public safety as well as national interest is protected by investing in the right security technology. Whether you wish to recognize, identify or verify a person, a smart surveillance solution is an efficient tool. It can assist you to improve customer service and secure your asset by identifying important customer or potential threat.

Face recognition is a perfect complement to your existing surveillance system that has one and only purpose – to identify human faces.



Face Library Setup

Collect sources of face image in different vertical industry. Eg. Pictures of VIP customers from CRM system for banking, pictures of staff from HR resources system from office building.

Face Capture & Comparison

Collect physical or behavioural samples in predetermined conditions and during a stated period of time with deep learning algorithm. This real time video data will then be compared with the database from face library.

Face Application

The matching will be able to detect high frequency appearance, allow or denied access, and triggers an alarm alerting the specific party in charge to take appropriate action.